The History of Midnight Riders of Mondovi. Inc.

Midnight Riders is a group of families who meet each Tuesday night during the summer. From the Mother’s Day trail ride to the Fun Day Rodeo in September they share their interest in horses. The purpose of the club is to develop and promotes good fellowship among horse lovers. Participants in our weekly games range from the littlest Peewee, whose parents helps guide the horse through the patterns, to “over the hill gang” (who admit it being over 39). Events include jumping figure eight, barrel racing, speed dash, pole bending and the keyhole race with other games if time permits. The basis of the club was four families who started meeting in 1967. These were the Marvin Moy family, the Robert Parr family, the Elmer Johnson family, and the Howard Peterson family. This group has grown into a club of over ninety families. Some of the children who rode back in 1967 are still riding and have children and grandchildren riding. The club has gone from meeting in someone’s yard to having three arenas and several permanent structures, including two announcer stands, bathrooms, lunch and the cowboy pavilion a.k.a. the shed. The public is always invited to come and watch these events free of charge except for our Little Britches Rodeo, which we have a small charge for. Good food and refreshments are always available on the grounds.


In addition to the weekly Tuesday night gymkhana in summer, the club finishes the season with a club show in August. An open show for member and non-members to participate in, a Little Britches Rodeo, a horse pull and a fun day rodeo are more events that the club members put on for the public to enjoy. The members also enjoy several trail rides with wagons for the younger children and those who do not want to ride their horses.

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